Bike thief swings angle grinder at man trying to stop him

Masked kid threatens public with angle grinder while stealing bike

This is the moment a brazen hoodlum lunges with an angle grinder at passers-by who tried to stop his crew stealing a bicycle in broad daylight.

Sparks can be seen flying as one of the youths uses the power tool to cut the lock from railings outside London Fields School in Hackney, east London.

Three brave men grab the handlebars to stop one of the thugs, who shouts: ‘Let go of my bike. Let go of my bike.’

Others tell the group to ‘f*** off’ and threaten to call 999, but they soon back off when one of the yobs grabs the angle grinder and swings it at eyewitnesses.

The gang of youths saw at the bike lock in plain sight outside an east London school.

One of the assailants lunges at passers-by with the angle grinder for trying to intervene.

The masked youths then ride off into the distance with the stolen £1,000 red Brompton bike
Before making off with the £1,000 red Brompton bike, he shouts: ‘F***king come near me, I dare you. Who’s gonna come near me?’

The clip was shared anonymously on social media yesterday and racked up more than 15,000 views.

Nicola McNamara wrote: ‘They get away with it because they know everyone is scared of them.

They do it because they can, they won’t stop. They take what they want when they want.’

Kelly Cotton asked: ‘When is this poxy country going to sort these youths out? Why are we letting them rule our streets? We are too soft in this country.

‘Need to toughen up and come down hard on the youth of today and their parents.

Tarik Mehmet added: ‘If this was the Hackney of old they would’ve got a kicking from the locals. Instead they just get gawked at by hipsters.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the force is aware of the video circulating around social media.

They added: ‘At this time, no report of the actual incident has been made and no victims have come forward.

‘Officers were made aware of the video on Wednesday, 19 February and an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the incident and locate any suspects. ‘